Byone Ai (音あ) is a Japanese and Indonesia Mix VOCALOID released in September 14th 2013 for the VOCALOID3 engine. In collaboration with Headphone Panda Mix(Or HPM for short),she was developed and is distributed by Bplats, Inc., under the YAMAHA Corporation.

Ai is the grand winning entry of the "VOCALOID™ INDONESIA" contest, held for choosing the design of the first Chinese VOCALOID. Her voice is provided by a Indonesian female voice actress, Dea Kasane (,Kasane Dea)



According to her anime series Byone Ai is an Cyborg that looks like a human who sing for eternity until rest of her life,with a mission to spread music to the world.

She is Very Innocent,Shy,and soft to others, but she is still the type of girl who has a lot of empathy and does not give up easily. She admires the VOCALOIDs from the past, and is dreaming that day she can do just the same as them – use songs to bring happiness to the world. While she cannot communicate with humans due to the language barrier between humans and VOCALOIDs, she is very sensitive if you first meet her,but once you know her,she is really cool and Innocent…  if you hear her singing,her voice is just like a pure natural water.


Her name means: :Second, :Sound, And  :Love.So,if you say  /Ai Byone,It means: “The Love has a Second sound”.


The design was originally drawn by Dea Kasane.


  • Byone Ao: Older brother
  • Kakkoine Rinto: Cousin
  • Kakkoine Miyako: Cousin



(Her Figurine and her Nendroid will be added to the market in 2020 Or 2023)


Her Figurine and her nendroid will be added to the market in 2020 or 2023


Byone Ai T-shirts were produced Later.[1]

Additional informationEdit


  • Hidekaz Himaruya, the author of Hetalia Axis Powers, made a blog entry with fanart of the Yayin Gongyu design.[4]
  • The name of the creature next to Byone Ai is Nini-Po (ニニ-) and is described as a fairy of Nature and Stars. He is 13.000 years old and 50cm tall.[5]

Notable for...

  • First Half Indonesian and Half Japanese capable VOCALOID
  • First female Half Indonesian and Half Japanese VOCALOID
  • First VOCALOID by Headphone Panda Mix
  • First female VOCALOID by Headphone Panda Mix
  • First Vocaloid that can speak any lanuage
  • ·         First Half Indonesian and Half Japanese VOCALOID to be on stage