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Dell Honne is the failed version (voyakaloid) of Len Kagamine. He looks similar to Len, but he has silver hair and red eyes. He loves to smoke and is always working. He has a twin sister named Deruko Honne.

Some may pitch Len's voice lower to his voice, but Dell is not a lower pitched Len; he has his own voice configuration on the program. The lower pitched Len is Ren Haine.

It is believed that his laptop is a Dell, and his surname means True Feelings.

Second, Caffein Dell is "The alternate persona if Haku had been a man". It is though that he is Haku's younger half-brother.

Dell is very calm, handsome, and intellegent, but is usually bullied by Deruko who calls him a shota, not cute, and a hopeless man. Dell usually doesn't mind, but when Deruko calls him a "shota", he starts fighting with her. Dell is actually a very childish boy, as he likes to play video games on the computer and makes a big fuss about Deruko not charging his computer for him. 

SPECIAL NOTES: Like with his sister/alter-ego, Dell's voice sounds better in lower octaves. He is comparable to a baritone voice, especially when tweaked. However, to sound human-like, post-processing and sound normalization is required, as he also inherits Len's flaw of unbalanced volume in his voicebank. Moreover, he may have inconsistencies concerning his "Y" and "K" sounding unrefined; this can be fixed by affixing the letter h between the consonant and the vowel. (eg "j a"; with the extra h phoneme, becomes "j h a")'If a user has the Kagamine appends, Dell works best with Len's Serious and Power append, giving him singing assertion the regular Len voicebank normally does not have. Gender settings may require adjustments on the fly to keep his voice consistently aged; this depends on the user and the effects desired. This is actually almost the same config as with Haku, but slightly changed. This configuration is written and commonly used by Orochi Herman. Crediting for this configuration, while preferred, is not mandatory.'