Tianyi,Miku,Eka,SeeU - Copy
Eka Melodia is an Indonesian Vocaloid that born in August 11th, six days before Independence day. Her name was derived from "Eka" (Means "first" in Javanese) and "Melody". Her clothes was a batik called "Batik Kawung" from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. She can sing in English and Indonesia. The bracelet-like object on her right hand is a control panel. She sometimes uses dark red kebaya too. She is 16 yerars old and her height is 160 cm. She always hangs out wih Miku, Luka, Luo Tianyi and SeeU. Her favourite foods are soto, rawon, gado-gado and nasi goreng. Her voice is a bit higher than Megurine Luka, but not as high as Miku's. She came to Vocaloid as a representative of her country. Her songs often talks about peace, freedom, anti-discrimination and nationalism. So, she's quite an activist. She has many pets, including a baby orangutan, Kintamani dog, Sumatran tiger and komodo.