Kawaiidesu55 Vocaloid kurotane piko byRaitenkuro

Kurotane Piko (黒手音ピコ  Kurotanepiko) is a dark version/prototype/failure of Utatane Piko. The story differs person to person; but it's generally accepted to be a 'failure'. The story goes that scientists were creating Pko and royally messed up, somehow creating Kuro instead.

After realizing what they had done, they threw him out a window into the streets, where he woke up and realized what he was, and vowed revenge against Piko and the scientists.

Despite his history, he's generally serious but still sassy and mature. His attitude changes for each person's headcanon. His design also changes, however not much. It is advised that if you have any questions, to go ask LocketShoru; as the only available person who speaks English to explain it more.


  • Gender - male
  • Hair - black
  • Eyes - red (subject to change in different headcanons)
  • Voice - Utatane Piko
  • Charater item - Black licorice

Here is an example of his voice:

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