Mareeshiane Jami (マレーシア音ジャ,Mareeshiane Jami) is a Vocaloid Malaysia (Or Vocalaysia for short) Made by Headphone Piggy Mix.Her voice actor is Dea Kagamine.She is also a human vocaloid,so,her voice is just like the voice actor.


Headphone Piggy Mix Stated Jami was created to be a "cute and innocent, yet sweet looking 11 year old girl."

She wears white shirt with long sleeves.She wears a pink twintie and pink mini skirt.She wears red hairpin.She has a red eye,Red hair tie,white long socks,and brown schoolgirl shoes.

She is kinda calm and Innocent..She could be sweet and cute often.


Haine Lin: Best Friends Forever

Haine Ren: Boyfriend

Notable for...

  • First Malaysian capable Vocaloid
  • First female Malaysian Vocaloid
  • First female Vocaloid by Headphone Piggy Mix
  • First Korean/Japanese bilingual Vocaloid
  • First Japanese voicebank produced by a non-Japanese company
  • First Japanese voicebank produced by a Malaysian and Indonesian company
  • First Japanese voicebank provided by a Indonesian provider
  • First Malaysian Vocaloid to be on stage


You can Pair her with other vocaloid/UTAUloid whatever you want.At least its not for Yuri Things...