Zatsune Mikuo Official Art

Zatsune Mikuo is the genderbend of Zatsune Miku.

Gender - Male

Hair - Black

Eyes - Red

Voice - Hatsune Mikuo

Charater item - Unknown


Zatsune Mikuo is one who acts quite childish, to which explains as to why Zatsune Miku tends to scold him time to time. Despite his immaturity, it is shown that he can be quite sweet and caring to his sister.


Zatsune Miku - She is Zatsune Mikuo's Older Sister. Miku(dark) always scold Mikuo(dark) for being immature.    Haine Twins - The twins are Mikuo's pal/mates.

 Kagamine Rinna - (Dark)Mikuo's rival